Pinus Mugo

A few years back i was browsing a dutch Ebay site and came across this pine for a fare price and made an offer,the funny thing was when the seller send a reply. It was from a old friend that i had rode BMX bikes with,and we had lost contact.

All the branches where growing downwards and i made a semi-cascade out of it. This was the first pine i ever styled. i’m not sure about the bottom branch i might shorting it to make a more compact tree. and when i was re-adjusting i tore the top bud of. Bummer!!!
Pinus mugo

Pinus “Sylvestris”

I bought this Pine 4 to 5 years ago, it’s still a young tree. Only the first 10cm from the trunk has mature bark.I should have put it back in the ground for a few years for the trunk to thicken, But i styled it this winter.      P1020635

Juniperus Squamata

Here is a picture of my Juniperus Squamata from a gardencenter,
cost me € 4.95 .
I have it 5 years, i think. And it got more transformations than Dame Edna.I am not a person that gives my bonsai a name but this one i call Fritz the Cat, he escaped death numerous still needs a few years of growing and a nice pot ,but I’m pretty happy how it looks, for now.bunjin